Extended Absence Request Form | Walnut Grove Christian School

A form must be submitted two weeks prior to an EXTENDED absence. You must submit a separate form for for each student in the family.

  • High School Students: Because of the amount of time that would be missed from each class due to our schedule in high school, we urge parents to strongly consider the educational impact on any extended absence before submitting a request. Although some very strong students may be able to make up for missing as many as 4 consecutive days of school, even the best students will suffer some academic impact. Students who are not strong will obviously suffer an even greater negative effect. Any student who has a grade of D or lower in any class will not be approved for an extended absence. If a request is not approved, the days missed will be regarded as unexcused for both academic and attendance reasons. Please see our Student/Parent Handbook.
  • K-8th Grade: We do not require teachers to provide make-up work for students. They have the option to provide an alternate assignment or provide make-up work for the absence. Please discuss with your student’s teacher(s) in advance which method of assignments they will be providing and if it is make-up work, if it will be provided before or after the absence.

To complete the Extended Absence Request Form, parents should:

1. Log into your FACTS Family Portal.

2. Select SCHOOL on the left hand menu.

3. Select WEB FORMS.


5. Select desired form.

6. Complete the form and save.