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General Recommendation Form

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We greatly appreciate your taking the time to complete this form. It provides one way of getting to know the student and is reviewed with the understanding that students are constantly changing and developing. Our intention is to establish a dynamic understanding of the student, and your observations and descriptions are essential in this process. Preparers and recipients are expected to maintain the information in strict confidence and to refrain from sharing it with students, parents, or guardians

To the best of your ability, please rate the student in each of the following areas:

Academic achievement*
Ability to express ideas verbally*
Daily preparation & study habits*
Follows directions*
Classroom conduct*
Attention & level of engagement*
Motivation & initiative*
Seeks help when needed*
Reaction to criticism/feedback*
Participation in discussion*
Ability to work independently*
Ability to work in a group*
Integrity with peers/teachers*
Social relationships with peers*
Interactions with adults*

Overall, I recommend this individual:

As a student:*
As a person:*