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The partnership between parents, school, and our children builds a strong, supportive community. All parents at Walnut Grove Christian School are members of the Parent Involvement Team. Attend a meeting to share your skills and interests and to meet other families at Walnut Grove.

The Parent Involvement Team is a volunteer body which coordinates activities to strengthen the Walnut Grove community and provide enhancements to its classrooms. The Parent Involvement Team relies on core values of the school – Faith, Relationships & Academics – to create a working partnership between parents, faculty, and the student body. The Parent Involvement Team seeks to provide all parents the opportunity to become involved and be part of the special traditions that make Walnut Grove vibrant and unique.

The Parent Involvement Team oversees a number of school-wide celebrations, plans activities to help welcome new families, hosts community events that also generate funds for the classrooms, and provides support and appreciation to the teachers and staff.


PIT CREW Meetings — All parents are welcome to attend and are usually held the first Wednesday of each month right after morning drop off in the Cafeteria. We support Fund-Raising and Community-Building Events, Restaurant Nights, Walnut Grove Appreciation Week, and more!

A president and group of officers work throughout the school year and appoint committees to organize individual events and activities. Parents can choose how small or large a time commitment they wish to make. All parents belong to the Parent Involvement Team and there are no fees or dues associated with membership. Parents are encouraged to hold an office, chair, or work on a committee, and attend Parent Involvement Team functions.


President — Amber Lunderville

Co-Vice Presidents — Tennille Wyckoff / Jennifer Fannon

Secretary — Kelly Acevedo 

Treasurer — Ana Rodriguez


  • Social Events 
  • Restaurant Nights
  • Box Tops, HT Vic, TIE Program, Target, Publix Education, Amazon Smile 
  • Teacher Appreciation 
  • Bulletin Boards 

Walnut Grove REWARDS PROGRAMS HELP THE Parent involvement team

  • -Link your Harris Teeter VIC card to Walnut Grove Christian School to earn cash for the school when you shop. The Parent Involvement Team will link your cards for you. Cards can also be linked online or in the store. Cards must be re-linked each year.
  • -Amazon Smile will make a donation based on a percentage of each Amazon purchase. Go to smile.amazon.com, select Walnut Grove Christian School as your school.
  • -Sign up with Publix Partners by logging on to your publix.com and select Walnut Grove Christian School in the My Publix Partner box on the My Account page.
  • -Download the Box Tops app and scan your receipts when you purchase participating products. Continue to clip Box Tops if you see them on your participating products and drop them off in the box outside the office.

 Thank you for your support!

The PIT Crew

Committee Descriptions 

Social Events Committee

The goal of the social committee is to provide opportunities for the students of WGSC and their families to have opportunities to be able to come together for fellowship with one another. We desire to cultivate an atmosphere of family, where everyone feels welcomed, known and valued as a member of the Walnut Grove Christian School community. The social committee provides ample opportunities for parents of WGCS students to be involved in helping to make that feeling of family come to fruition through their involvement in helping to make each social event a special and treasured time together.  

Restaurant Spirit Nights Committee

This committee coordinates fundraising each month with local businesses. The committee will work with the restaurant to determine a specific night or nights where the business will donate a percentage of sales back to the school. The committee will also assist in publicizing the event and possibly have an individual at the restaurant to assist, if allowed/needed.

Teacher Appreciation Committee

This committee helps with coordinating events in which parents can help give back to the staff and teachers. The parents can either donate money to or sponsor a teacher event or donate time/items for an event, such as the food for Stock the Pantry. There are a variety of ways to support the teachers at the school, and the committee will help coordinate the parents in whichever way best fits. 

Fundraising thru Shopping Committee

This committee focuses on ways we can raise money for WGCS through the shopping most families already do. Some examples are Harris Teeter Together in Education Program and Amazon Smile. In order for this to benefit WGCS, people in our community have to sign up to link their Shopper ID to the school. This committee will assist the parents and other members of our community in linking their shopper ID’s to the programs. Also, you may be asked to research new fundraising opportunities throughout the year.

Bulletin Board Committee

This committee is responsible for creating ideas and decorating the bulletin boards throughout the school. Some activities include providing ideas, donating supplies, or being present to put the boards together. The boards are often changed seasonally or when asked by administration for special events.