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Walnut Grove is at a turning point. As we look into the next decade and beyond, we see how God is calling the school to empower even more children to strive for more in the encouraging environment at Walnut Grove. We dream of opening the other side of our campus to meet the space needs of current and future students.

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STRIVE Campaign Totals through January 8, 2021

$462,700 in Total Financial Commitments
90 Total Commitment Cards or One-Time Gifts
41 WGCS Current Families
27 WGCS Board & Staff Members
15 WGCS Grandparents
7 WGCS Alumni & Friends of WGCS

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Hear Kara’s Story

Our Dreams of a Stronger Future

We dream of parents, spouses, church members, employees, and community leaders across the country and around the world who love God and who love others.

Ultimately, we dream of how God will use Walnut Grove to send out an army of alumni to be salt and light in a lost world – alumni who will take the gospel with them to every tongue, tribe, people, and nation.

Realizing these dreams will require an ongoing commitment to maintaining and expanding Walnut Grove’s known reputation of excellence in education. Let us never say that we failed to dream big about what God can do through the Warriors at Walnut Grove.

To achieve this end, Walnut Grove is launching a capital campaign that will:

  • Increase our space on campus.
  • Reduce debt.


The key component to the capital campaign will be completing our campus facility. Our building was purchased in 2012 by a generous investor of Walnut Grove. Since the purchase and our move into the building, only half of our building has been utilized.

We strategically designed our current space for small classroom sizes and we have now run out of space. Families who are interested in Walnut Grove’s encouraging environment are being turned away due to not enough space for them to attend.

Our goal is to complete the other half of our building and steward the blessing God has given to us in our building. The new space will allow us to increase program offerings to all grades, increase staff and increase resources to support our mission of individualized learning. It will also allow us to increase the student body, which we believe will position us to build a new athletic facility in the near future.

  • We will provide a dedicated space for music, worship and large group gatherings.
  • We will provide resource space for new programs.
  • We will provide office space for administrative staff.


The campaign will also reduce debt on our current facilities. This will allow us to refocus financial resources to:

  • Add more programming options for our students and maintain small classroom sizes.
  • Provide more competitive salaries and benefits to our teachers.
  • Hire more top-level educators.

When we are wise stewards with our resources, God can do more through Walnut Grove to nurture our students and families. We believe now is the time to reduce the debt and free up funds to expand the impact of Walnut Grove while honoring the commitment to keeping classroom sizes small.

We want to honor our current teachers by providing salary raises. We want to attract the best teachers in the region to lead our students to strive for more. We want to provide excellent, Christ- centered education for students who otherwise might not be able to afford one. These will be possible when our current debt is reduced.

Architect's Renderings

A Pivotal Moment

Through this campaign, we will provide current students at Walnut Grove the best small Christian learning environment through a new, finished building, with more space and programs led by more top-level educators. Construction will begin quickly with the completed facility ready for fall of 2021.

We are now at maximum capacity at our school and this has brought us to a pivotal moment: expand and strive for more or remain stagnant. We believe it is time for more.

Why do we need a capital campaign?

We will accomplish this by faithfully and sacrificially raising $1,200,000. $800,000 for the completion of our building and $400,000 to eliminate the debt.

$1.2 million is a big goal.  We serve a God who provided for our current campus in a miraculous way through an investor and anonymous donor. We believe in the God who Paul wrote about in Ephesians 3, who “is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us!” We are confident that God can use the resources and generosity of our Walnut Grove family to make this goal a reality.